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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
ST-Doc280619749523 January 202101 February 2021: Request for Proposal for a new Pile Foundation Structure for the Danbury
SHC-01-22-202123 January 202102 February 2021Regency Gardens Phase I, II and III Exterior Door Replacement, Regina SK
ROU2021RW-004A23 January 202108 February 2021Request for Qualifications
RM186-2021-0223 January 202108 February 2021Grader
RFSO20-5723 January 202126 February 2021RFSO 20-57 Electrical Vehcile Charging Stations and Serivces
R44WPU-00223 January 202111 February 2021Rural 44 Waterline Project - Contract B - E-K Raw Water Pipeline Twinning
PWP-2021-0123 January 202112 February 20212021 Line Painting Roadways and Airport
NWSD2020-1223 January 202101 March 2021Maidstone High & Ratushniak Elementary (Maidstone) Roof Replacement
NRFP793623 January 202108 February 2021Clinical Advisory Services
NOIJanuary202123 January 202118 June 2021Notice of Intent Janaury 2021
HWY-H2008223 January 202105 February 2021Roadwork CONSTRUCTION OF A SURFACING STRUCTURE on Highway No. 349 for a TO
HWY-200115-RFP23 January 202104 February 2021CS 24-01, Surfacing, North of Spiritwood to Leoville
GOODLAKE2021-0123 January 202105 February 2021Fuels Supply Tender 2021-22
7-2123 January 202109 February 2021Fire Fighting Equipment
21-012223 January 202112 February 2021Request for Proposal - Cost Consultant Services
2021-Water23 January 202108 February 2021RFP for Consulting Services - Humboldt Watermain Replacement Program
2021-103-0123 January 202110 February 2021Gravel Crush
2021-01RM50123 January 202101 March 2021RM of Frenchman Butte No. 501 - Tender for Road Construction - Bolney Road
0601723 January 202117 March 2021HealthPRO - Request for Qualification (RFQ) for 06017 Print Management Serv
SX669322 January 202128 January 2021Controlwave RTU Products and Services - Advance Contract Award Notice
ST-Doc224649416822 January 202111 February 2021Request for Proposal for Drycell Battery and Hazardous Material Recycling a
SPSD-T2021-000422 January 202111 February 2021Commissioning Agent Services – Project #6 Saskatoon City Centre
RM32-2021-0222 January 202109 February 20212021 Municipal Road Gravel Loading/Hauling/Spreading Tender
RM32-2021-0122 January 202109 February 20212021 Fuel Supply
RM290-2021-122 January 202108 February 2021Gravel Supply and Stockpile Tender