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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
ST-Doc370951947926 November 202215 December 2022Electrical Service and Transfer Switch Upgrade in Yorkton, SK
RFP-2022-11-2526 November 202230 December 2022Heavey Equipment Simulator
COSe22-046026 November 202216 December 2022Consulting Services - Aspen Ridge Linear Park Drainage Channel MR8-12, D6 a
COSe22-045326 November 202212 December 2022Miscellaneous Auction Services
850526 November 202219 December 2022Consulting Engineering Services Narrow Hills Provincial Park Water System I
40011262226 November 202219 December 2022Estevan RNH Sprinker System Replacement
22P-0002026 November 202204 January 2023Data Migration Services
101043226 November 202209 December 2022Chinook Power Station - Filters Supply
968626 November 202210 December 2022RFI 2918 - Driver Behaviour Technologies
EN24TBP00226 November 202210 January 2023EN24TBP002 Granville Bay Major Works, Sunshine Coast
PGT-2022112526 November 202212 December 2022Server and Nodes
RFP-2022-4426 November 202220 December 2022Wildfire Risk Reduction Prescription Development & Treatment Administration
TX687225 November 202201 December 2022Engineering Services - Electrical, Instrumentation, Communication, Support,
SX688425 November 202201 December 2022Portable Air Compressor with Custom Air Dryer
SBP-LLM2300925 November 202215 December 2022Roof Replacement, CBC Building Regina
RM4-2023-0225 November 202214 December 2022RM of Coalfields No. 4 Fuel Supply Tender
RFQ-2022-11RM34525 November 202206 December 2022Request for Quotes - One Tonne Truck
RFQ-2022-10RM34525 November 202206 December 2022Request for Quotes - Tractor
NOV-22-ONC-MR-RFP25 November 202220 December 2022HealthPRO Pharmacy November 2022 Oncology Market Response RFP
GSSD-2022-00225 November 202209 December 2022Purchase of School Buses
COSe22-047625 November 202209 December 2022Light Duty Trucks
COSe22-039925 November 202215 December 202213 & 16.5 kip GVWR Cab & Chassis Trucks
COS22-030725 November 202205 January 2023COS - Information Technology - Total Device Lifestyle
COR616525 November 202214 December 2022Grader Blades
845825 November 202209 December 2022Supply and Delivery of auto extrication equipment and training