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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
RFP21-01326 September 202125 October 2021Electric Fleet Vehicles
WSA-2021-020125 September 202115 October 2021M2 Canal Rehab
SHA4000809202125 September 202125 October 2021Boiler Replacement Biggar and District Health Centre
RM131-2021-0225 September 202105 November 2021Gravel Load/Haul & Spread 3 year contract
RFSO21-0925 September 202105 November 2021RFSO 21-09 Energy Consulting and Related Services
RFP-5416-2125 September 202128 October 2021Deceased Donor Management Solution
LAND004536225 September 202122 November 2021Highways Land Sale Parcel V - 16-20
LAND004536125 September 202122 November 2021Highways Land Sale Parcel U - 16-20
LAND004536025 September 202122 November 2021Highways Land Sale Parcel T - 16-20
LAND004535925 September 202122 November 2021Highways Land Sale Parcel Q - 16-20
ITT10007142125 September 202119 October 2021Royal University Hospital Culture Centre
FT202125 September 202112 October 2021Borrowing for the Purpose of the Replacement of the High Service Pumphouse
817025 September 202118 October 2021Case and Contact Management for COVID-19
815925 September 202112 October 2021One (1) New Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Side by Side and Enclosed Transpo
60006088202125 September 202121 October 2021Pasqua Hospital Elevator Upgrade E4, E5 and E6 in SaskTenders
283925 September 202111 October 2021Village of Elbow - Village Office Roof Work
21-273924-ITT-BCCH25 September 202101 October 2021Supply of Transported Potable Water Services
100673725 September 202115 October 2021BDPS BELT,CONVEYOR, 375/3PLY SUPPLY
100661225 September 202118 October 2021Fault Indicators (M11)
100608925 September 202115 October 202111th Ave Duct Bank Ph 1& 2 Daylighting and Surveying
WSA-2021-016724 September 202114 October 2021Gardiner Dam Facility Construction
RM275-2021-00124 September 202112 October 2021Wolf's Bridge Replacement
ENVFS21-INV4-A24 September 202107 October 2021National Forest Inventory Photo Plot Interpretation
COSe21-033124 September 202108 October 2021Dell OptiPlex 3080 SFF Desktop Computers
COR574924 September 202114 October 2021Condition Assessment of Large Diameter Valves