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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
01/202125 January 202105 March 2021Used Tridem Highway Tracto
02/202125 January 202105 March 20212017-2020 Used Tandem Highway Tractor
20-052725 January 202122 February 2021Supply and Delivery of A10 Networks, Services, Maintenance and Support
20-154025 January 202109 March 2021Supply and Delivery of Bulk Commodities 20-1540
20-202325 January 202111 February 2021Pathway Lifecycle
2021 - IT Server Refresh25 January 202108 February 20212021 - IT Servers Refresh-Request for Quote
2021-11-727025 January 202116 February 2021Marina Dredging
2021-COPRK-RFP-00425 January 202125 February 2021Wheeled Loaders
2021BID115025 January 202122 February 20212021BID1150 Terrace Road School Building Envelope Upgrades
2021PW0225 January 202112 February 20212021 SUV 4x4 with Police Package
2021PW0325 January 202112 February 2021Hydrostatic Driven Chip Spreader
20318725 January 202124 February 2021Hugh J. Bolton Service Centre Parkade Repairs January 202115 February 2021START Upgrades - 905GR04 to 905GR55
AB-2021-0020925 January 202109 February 2021Township Road 120 and Range Road 11 - 191-02234-00
AHS-2021-104425 January 202117 February 2021Community Physiotherapy Services
CHC-2020-018-A25 January 202116 February 2021Underground Utilities Construction
ECSD01202125 January 202112 February 2021Child Care Capacity Building
In-2021-0125 January 202118 February 2021Gravel Crushing and Stockpiling
IT2021-01-1925 January 202101 February 2021Network Catalyst
Q796825 January 202116 February 2021Q7968 Dell PowerEdge R640 Servers
RE866125 January 202123 February 2021Septic Pump Out Services
RE866225 January 202124 February 2021Blood Indian Trading Post Manager
RE866425 January 202125 February 2021Supply and Delivery of Dry Bagged Firewood
RE866525 January 202126 February 2021Contract Services for Campground Attendant Gooseberry Lake
RFP 2021-029025 January 202111 February 2021Convocation Audio Visual Production Provider