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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
020835A21 September 202006 October 2020GRANDE PRAIRIE - COURTHOUSE - Elevator Upgrades
02113421 September 202015 October 2020RFEOI - Digital Billboard Opportunities in Calgary and Edmonton
20-154521 September 202029 October 2020Catering Services and Catering with Equipment Rentals
20.011121 September 202006 October 2020RFQ #20.0111 - Snow Plow & Sander Truck Rental
2020RFP004021 September 202014 October 2020Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Add-On
2021RFQ113121 September 202005 October 2020CRM Support Services
2027MT21 September 202009 October 2020Residential Home Modification Project - Sandy Beach, Saskatchewan
32.611.2018-76.421 September 202030 September 2020City of Lacombe 76 Street Slope Reconstruction
CN-2020-05-MICH21 September 202016 October 2020Appliance Repair Services for Michener Services
COL-20-11021 September 202013 October 2020Regional Pathways Amenities
MDLSR-2020-0721 September 202008 October 2020Smith Bridge BF71600 Strip Deck Repairs
RE864921 September 202025 September 2020Fencing at Buffalo Atlee Community Pasture
SCM21-00521 September 202016 October 2020Investment Management Services
SMB000121 September 202001 October 2020New Furniture Program
020839A18 September 202015 October 2020Calgary - Red Cross Building - Boiler Replacement
069PA-000000056018 September 202030 September 2020Hydrometric Monitoring Shelter -AB
12345-118 September 202008 October 2020River Road Slope Repair
2020-03118 September 202015 October 2020Data Governance Tool
2020-09-17 RFP Safety Codes Services18 September 202012 October 2020Municipal Safety Code Services
2020RPESFD18 September 202019 October 20202021 Rural Pumper Engine Tender
20293618 September 202002 November 2020Insurance Brokerage & Risk Management Services
21PTC08318 September 202019 October 2020Peace River Fire Base - 46 Person Sleeper / Washhouse Complex
93902018 September 202008 October 2020Supply of Operated Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Loaders on a Call Out Basis
AB-2020-0555718 September 202005 November 2020Fleet and Facility Reltated Vendor Managed Inventory and Logistics Manageme
Additional Services18 September 202006 October 2020COVID-19 Additional Services