Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
#11-01/2023 January 202018 February 2020Sewer Mainline Trenchless Point Repair
#595-2020-0123 January 202012 February 2020Hornby Island Community School - Bid Package "Demolition"
02-01/2023 January 202013 February 2020Solar Panels on Civic Facilities Study
09-202023 January 202021 February 2020Invasive Plant Management Area Controller
1112123 January 202006 March 2020Operator for the Art Holding Memorial Arena in Chase, BC
1112223 January 202019 February 2020Invitation to Tender Carson Fire Hall
1220-040-2020-02223 January 202018 February 2020Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of AV Equipment
20-02623 January 202013 February 20203/4-Ton Crewcab 4x4 Pickup Truck
2020-0423 January 202013 February 20202020 Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
2020-55523 January 202027 February 2020RFQ 2020-555 General Contractors 2020
2020-55623 January 202020 February 2020RFQ 2020-556 Supply/Delivery of First Aid and Safety Supplies
2320-20-219523 January 202021 February 2020Bioreactor Aeration Equipment Supply
37727MJ000023 January 202013 February 2020GAS H16 Wakefield Rd to 6 Mile Hill and Smithers Sideroads
98765432123 January 202006 February 2020Evaluation of Existing Climate Change Impact Analyses, Adaptat
CB-309323 January 202013 February 2020Environmental Rehabilitation Creeks-Culverts & Slope Remediation
CPP00123 January 202020 February 2020Auxiliary Advertising Opportunity
EN21474-00223 January 202011 February 2020Timber Pier Rehabilitation - Bridge N6-104
ES-20-0223 January 202018 February 2020ES-20-02
IS20IIT087NOI23 January 202007 February 2020Fiscal Obligations and Funding Management system
ITT.006.2023 January 202027 February 2020Granular Crushing Services
M.S.1717-053-1123 January 202013 February 202064 Avenue Arterial Widening - 184 Street to Fraser Highway
MCFD-01-202023 January 202020 February 20202 Bed Staffed Residential Resource Central Okanagan
NOI20-JTT-01523 January 202031 January 2020Workforce Development Advisory Group (WDAG) Consultant
NRFP 2019-04223 January 202018 February 2020Robotic Process Automation
ON-00346323 January 202021 February 2020AUDIT OF CONSEIL SCOLAIRE FRANCOPHONE / SD93