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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
03T002736318 February 202004 March 2020Weather Testing Equipment
08M002733018 February 202003 March 2020RED HAT S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002733118 February 202003 March 2020ADOBE READER EXTENSION S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002733218 February 202003 March 2020CISCO SMARTNET H/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002733318 February 202003 March 2020SAP SYSBASE S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002733418 February 202003 March 2020BLUECOAT S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002733518 February 202003 March 2020SMARTNET H/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002736418 February 202003 March 2020Pitney Bowes SendPro C Postage Machine
08M002736518 February 202003 March 2020SDL trados Studio
08U002726518 February 202003 March 2020SEMI AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR (AED)
1004009718 February 202028 February 2020SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF GUARDRAIL COMPONENT
1004010318 February 202027 February 2020SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF INDUSTRIAL LAB EQUIPMENT
1004012318 February 202027 February 2020SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CORRUGATED STEEL CULVERTS
1004012418 February 202027 February 2020SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CORRUGATED STEEL CULVERTS
6474-2019-2018 February 202013 March 2020Conducting Systematic Aerial Sketch Mapping Survey of Manitoba’s Forests
6479-2019/202018 February 202002 March 2020Pick-up and Hauling of Solid Waste from Transfer Stations to Waste Facility
6478-2019-2014 February 202013 March 2020Transport and Prepare Decommissioned Loader and Bulldozer
RFQ 2020- 01-STB-01 Supply Loading Agg14 February 202027 February 2020Request for Quotes 2020 - 01–South Eastern Region-01
AAS002736113 February 202005 March 2020OEM PARTS - FILTERS
AAT002736213 February 202002 March 2020BR1, BR2, BR3, Breakaway Assemblies
AFM-0213202013 February 202027 February 2020Safety & Security Project - Windows Replacement
D1-4-ROOF-202013 February 202003 March 2020RFQ for Roofing Maintenance Services for As-And-When Requested Work
RFP2#: WMS-200-00513 February 202010 March 2020Preliminary Design - New Pump Station & Gravity Outfall - St. Adolphe, MB
WMS - Structures - 19/20 - RFP 00313 February 202006 March 2020Public and Stakeholder Consultation Services for Bridge over Red River PR 3
08S002736012 February 202027 February 2020COMPACT TRACK LOADER