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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
1003972218 September 201927 September 2019SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CORRUGATED STEEL CULVERTS
2019-10-400578218 September 201903 October 2019Ceiling Tile Replacement and Paint Refresh at 10 Midland Street in Winnipeg
4005662-B118 September 201903 October 2019SMHC Old Laundry Building - Deconstruction/Demolition
RFQ 2019-01-South Eastern Region -1218 September 201927 September 2019Supply & Delivery of Winter Sand
X3148318 September 201902 October 2019Mowing - Provincial Waterways - Various Locations - Portage, Cartier and El
08M002699417 September 201901 October 2019MAXCRM S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002699517 September 201901 October 2019ERWIN DATA S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002699617 September 201901 October 2019TEMPEST DCS S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002699717 September 201901 October 2019Crystal Reports S/W Mtce. Renewal
08M002699817 September 201901 October 2019AUTOTURN S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002699917 September 201901 October 2019IBM S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002700017 September 201901 October 2019SERENA PVCS S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002700117 September 201901 October 2019IMAGEMAKER S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002700217 September 201901 October 2019IBM IBM 6400 H/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002700317 September 201901 October 2019BLUECOAT WEB FILTER S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002700417 September 201901 October 2019TELEFORM WORKGROUP S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002700517 September 201901 October 2019ACCENTURE CLONE AND TEST S/W MTCE RENEWAL
6317-2019/2017 September 201911 October 2019Site Preparation Equipment Repair and Storage
6385-2019/2017 September 201911 October 2019Design New Foundation/Relocation of Spruce Woods Provincial Park Staff Bunk
6388-2019/2017 September 201930 September 2019Oak Hammock Marsh WMA Naturalization Plan
X3148217 September 201901 October 2019Second Creek - Minor Drain Rehabilitation Vicinity of St. Francois Xavier M
08M002699316 September 201927 September 2019FTR Licenses
08S002693616 September 201930 September 2019RIDING MOWER
08S002697216 September 201901 October 2019LOADER, SKID STEER
12S002695816 September 201926 September 2019TRAILER, RECREATIONAL