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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
04V002721813 December 201930 December 2019Miscellaneous File Folder
08V002721213 December 201903 January 2020Tape, Adhesive & Dispenser
08M002720512 December 201906 January 2020FileMaker Pro 18
21T002721712 December 201906 January 2020Geobacillus Stearothermophilus Kits
4005748-b112 December 201914 January 2020Drain Line Replacement for Exhibit Storage Room at Law Courts Building
AAS002721012 December 201930 December 2019FLIP GATE
PMI_IT_EUS_12201912 December 201923 January 2020RFI – End-User Services
RFP#LGCA2019.0612 December 201903 January 2020Value Stream Mapping
X3149112 December 201909 January 2020Culvert Installation - Lafond Drain at PR 246 - Municipality of Montcalm
08S002687811 December 201923 December 2019TRACTOR LOADER, 25 HP
08V002719011 December 201906 January 2020Hand Sanitizer, Dispenser, Stand
09S002717111 December 201923 December 2019WATER SOFTENER SALT
1003988811 December 201907 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Chemicals and Gases
2019-12-410311 December 201921 January 2020Consulting Services for Multiple Demolition Requirements
4005821-b111 December 201909 January 2020Flin Flon POB Duct Heater Installation
6447-2019-2011 December 201930 December 2019Supply and Installation of Playground Equipment in Various Provincial Parks
701811 December 201907 January 2020Bituminous Pavement (Reconstruction)
702011 December 201907 January 2020Grading Roadside Safety Improvements PTH 6 Wabowden Area
AAT002721111 December 201906 January 2020Poles, Straight, Light Series 5.0 Meter
RFQ 04 - 27211 December 201913 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Traffic Gravel Class "A" Vicinity of Garland
RFQ 04 - 27311 December 201914 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Traffic Gravel Cl "A" (Limestone) Vic of Ste. Rose d
12T002719910 December 201924 December 2019Camoplast Trooper Groomer Parts
21T002720810 December 201910 January 2020Supply & Install Autoclave Large Capacity
6411-2019-2010 December 201927 December 2019Professional Helicopter Wildlife Capture
702210 December 201908 January 2020Reservoir Excavation Portage Diversion Reservoir