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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
12U002693019 July 201901 August 2019BOAT LAUNCH SIGN
AAU002693119 July 201901 August 2019FLASHING BEACONS
001655-B118 July 201915 August 2019Minnedosa Courthouse - Roof Replacement & Cupola Restoration
21T002693918 July 201901 August 2019Reagents, Taqman Multiplex
4005626-b117 July 201908 August 2019Asbestos Abatements - Various Buildings
AAS002690217 July 201929 July 2019DELINEATOR POSTS AND BASES
X0450217 July 201930 July 2019Road Restoration (Shoulders)
ZZS002693817 July 201930 July 2019CUSTOM BROKER SERVICES
AAS002693716 July 201926 July 2019PARATRANSIT BUS
4005243-b115 July 201901 August 2019Employee Housing Units - Demolition and Site Clean-up
4005394-b112 July 201901 August 2019Robert Fletcher Building - Structural Remediation
4005702-b112 July 201907 August 2019Headingley Correctional Centre - Concrete Stair and Brick Wall Replacement
698312 July 201925 July 2019Interim Dike Rehabilitation
RFQ-TEB 2019-0112 July 201925 July 2019Video Processing Services of Video Traffic Data
X0450012 July 201925 July 2019Spot Road Improvement
X18101512 July 201926 July 2019Superstructure Replacement
07O10072019IS10 July 201909 August 2019Investigative Services
4005682-b110 July 201925 July 2019Beausejour VEMA - Main Building Boiler & Water Heater Replacement
6325-2019/2010 July 201906 August 2019Seedling Production for the 2021 Planting Season in Manitoba
X0380310 July 201924 July 2019Guardrail Installation- PR 450, PTH 18, PTH 21 and PTH 23 (Various Location
698209 July 201925 July 2019Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert (Structure)
2019-07-392808 July 201930 July 2019Prime Consulting Services - MRCC Rooftop Upgrades
RFQ 02-20708 July 201923 July 2019Supply of Traffic "A" - Notre Dame De Lourdes Area
003916-B105 July 201930 July 2019The Pas Courthouse VAV & Reheat Coil Replacement
002847-b204 July 201925 July 2019MDC- Powerhouse Building Roof Replacement