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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
08M002767621 September 202006 October 2020SAP CRYSTAL REPORTS
08M002767821 September 202006 October 2020LIEBERT H/W MTCE RENEWALS Renewal
1004062121 September 202030 September 2020SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF BULK SODIUM CHLORIDE
FBSP-2020/21-09-2121 September 202021 October 2020Design, Build and Supply Office Building for Marchand Wildfire Base.
MWSB 154021 September 202009 October 2020Town of Virden Contract: 1 Raw Water Pipeline
MWSB 154421 September 202009 October 2020City of Winkler Pump Station #7 Upgrades
MWSB 154521 September 202009 October 2020Pembina Valley Co-op"Stephenfield"WTP Raw Water Intake Upgrades
RFQ 2020 01 WPG-1221 September 202029 September 2020RFQ 2020 01 WPG-12 Supply and Delivery of Winter Sand
21T002767518 September 202005 October 2020Vortemp 56 Shaking Incubator
6475-2020-2118 September 202006 October 2020Regular Electrical Maintenance and Emergency Repairs - South Whiteshell
6476-2020-2118 September 202006 October 2020Cleaning Services for Sewage Holding Tanks - South Whiteshell
6550-2020/2118 September 202002 October 2020Bakers Narrows Electrical Upgrades
711118 September 202001 October 2020Culvert Replacement (Structure) and Road Works on PR 408 At Bog River
711218 September 202001 October 2020Norway House Airport Runway Rehabilitation and Repair
X0256518 September 202002 October 2020Bituminous Rehabilitation - PTH 3
X2116618 September 202001 October 2020Installation of Underground Conduit (PTH 1 at King St, Town of Virden)
07S002767417 September 202030 September 2020MONITORING EQUIPMENT
1004060217 September 202028 September 2020SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF BULK SODIUM CHLORIDE
12S002767017 September 202029 September 2020BULK SAND
12S002767117 September 202029 September 2020"A"BASE GRAVEL
12S002767217 September 202029 September 2020WASHED PEA GRAVEL
21U002766517 September 202002 October 2020CLEANING SUPPLIES
21U002766617 September 202002 October 2020DIGITAL WHEELCHAIR RAMP SCALE
21U002766717 September 202002 October 2020ARJO ALENTI HYGIENE TUB LIFT WITH SCALE
AAS002767317 September 202029 September 2020MOTOR , 6.7 litre, CASE WHEEL LOADER