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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_12949030 July 202130 August 2021Completion of Tilden Lake Dam Reconstruction Project
tender_13164029 July 202120 August 2021Two lift truck purchase for North Bay and White Lake Fish Culture stations
tender_13317229 July 202117 August 2021Environmental Characterization and Remedial Options Analysis
tender_13329629 July 202120 August 2021Replacement of VFDs at the Petrolia WTP & Upgrades to Electrical Components
tender_13196528 July 202130 August 2021Courier Services for Cold Chain Temp Controlled Delivery of Pharmaceutical
tender_13310528 July 202124 August 2021Construction of Four (4) Rustic Cabins within MacGregor Point Provincial Pa
tender_13310628 July 202119 August 2021Construction of Three (3) Rustic Cabins within Arrowhead Provincial Park
tender_13031227 July 202127 August 2021Automated Assay for Qualitative Detection of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes/Su
tender_13224027 July 202111 August 2021Request for Information For Digital Driver’s Handbook (DDH)
tender_13303726 July 202117 August 2021Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software RFI
tender_13163323 July 202123 August 2021Turtle Portage Marine Railway Retrofit
tender_13217822 July 202127 August 2021OPP-1467 - Supply and Delivery of Flashlights and Conical Cones
tender_13163921 July 202120 August 2021Electrical High Voltage Power Service Upgrades at Arrowhead Provincial Park
tender_13269220 July 202109 August 2021MTO Patrol Yard Salt Delivery in Northwest Region
tender_13293320 July 202123 August 2021Industrial Diving Inspection Services Vendor of Record (Essex)
tender_13288119 July 202104 August 2021Court Reporting Services
tender_13276215 July 202131 August 2021Campground Reservation, Registration and Point of Sale System (CRRS)
tender_13101813 July 202113 August 2021Supply and Delivery of Tactical Clothing - OPP-1198
tender_13258213 July 202115 September 2021Pre-Notice for Card Production and Photo Comparison Technology Service Prov
tender_13157312 July 202112 August 2021Maintenance Building Construction at Bronte Creek Provincial Park
tender_13132007 July 202104 August 2021Northeast Region Waste Disposal Sites Capacity Studies, Design and Operatio
tender_13138930 June 202111 August 2021Operations & Maintenance of Skywood Eco Adventure Park
tender_13190628 June 202115 October 2021Pre-Notice for NOHFC Due Diligence Services
tender_13206128 June 202106 August 2021Prequalification for Home Care Service Provider Organizations
tender_12888201 April 202102 April 2022NOTICE - Service Providers needed for COVID-19 antigen testing services