Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_10918921 January 202005 February 2020Supply, Delivery and Installation of up to 2 Cyanotoxin Automated Assay Sys
tender_10934821 January 202024 February 2020Provision of Emergency Medical Teams for EMT Services
tender_10744620 January 202012 February 2020Operational Services for Sault Ste Marie
tender_10816320 January 202004 February 2020OPP-1372 - Supply and Delivery of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems
tender_11002720 January 202028 February 2020RFI for Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Digital Portal
tender_10908016 January 202019 February 2020Provision of Registered Nurses (RNs) for Nursing Services
tender_10925516 January 202004 February 2020Mass Mailing Table Top Inserting Equipment
tender_10278215 January 202014 February 2020IBM Mainframe Hardware Maintenance and Support Services
tender_10962915 January 202004 February 2020Pre-Release Notice of Upcoming Opportunity for Facility Radio Network (FRN)
tender_10970015 January 202028 February 2020SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF FIREWOOD
tender_10926313 January 202024 February 2020PRE-RELEASE NOTICE - Field Sampling Services
tender_10374309 January 202010 February 2020Supply and Delivery of Fire Foam
tender_10731809 January 202031 January 2020Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - 360 Visibility & Identity Outerwear
tender_10934509 January 202007 February 2020FOUNDATION REPLACEMENT - SCHOOL HOUSE AND CHAPEL
tender_10934609 January 202007 February 2020Sawmill Foundation Replacement
tender_10923308 January 202008 February 2020VEHICLE ACCESS GATE SYSTEM
tender_10797707 January 202006 February 2020TGLN Custom multi-tissue recovery packs
tender_10826507 January 202010 February 2020Fire Services Professional Credential Management Software as a Service Solu
tender_10378906 January 202028 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Bottled Drinking Water
tender_10816206 January 202018 February 2020RFI for Official MTO Driver Handbooks – Digital Model
tender_10850906 January 202005 February 2020Operational Services Tender for Huntsville
tender_10669018 December 201931 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Fish Feed
tender_10787118 December 201930 January 2020Food and Beverage Services at Huronia Historical Parks (Captain Roberts’ Ta
tender_9501418 December 201931 January 2020Banking Services for Civil, Small Claims, and Family Court Enforcement Proc
tender_10770517 December 201931 January 2020Ontario’s Ignition Interlock Program