Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_12692512 April 202112 May 2021MNRF Card Issuing Services for MNRF Outdoors Card Program
tender_12848812 April 202112 May 2021Distribution of influenza vaccines to pharmacies in Ontario
tender_12807009 April 202126 April 2021The Supply and Delivery of 60 New Canoes for the Massassauga Provincial Par
tender_12736008 April 202110 May 2021Program Administrator for Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program
tender_12896707 April 202107 May 2021TRACTOR
tender_12896907 April 202107 May 2021TRIPLEX MOWER
tender_12897007 April 202123 April 2021Kawartha Lakes Lawn Maintenance Services
tender_12888602 April 202103 May 2021RFB for Miscellaneous Chemicals and Alum (Drum)
tender_12888201 April 202102 April 2022NOTICE - Service Providers needed for COVID-19 antigen testing services
tender_12888501 April 202103 May 2021RFB for Water Treatment Chemicals
tender_12838031 March 202116 April 2021Elgin West Garden Theatre Center, South Elevation Pilot Project
tender_12729030 March 202130 April 2021Detailed Engineering of Long Lake Gold Mine Access Road Improvements
tender_12876529 March 202129 April 2021Supply, Delivery & Installation of a Dust Collection System
tender_12313426 March 202123 April 2021Site Characterization
tender_12494424 March 202120 April 2021Wintering Road Bridge Replacement
tender_12550223 March 202129 April 2021Rehabilitation of Elva Dam on Sturgeon Lake
tender_12748523 March 202123 April 2021Supply and Delivery of Correctional Kitchen Smallware
tender_12801622 March 202121 May 2021OSS-00440458 VOR Master Arrangement - Vehicle Equipment Disposal and Remark
tender_12648318 March 202119 April 2021Replacement of Monteith Dam
tender_12838417 March 202117 April 2021Cloud Hosted VoIP Telephone & Unified Communications(as a service) Platform
tender_12386107 December 202030 June 2021NOTICE - Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) for Canadian-Manufactured Nitrile Glov
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services