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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_14504412 May 202231 May 2022Pump Inspection and Maintenance Services, Georgian Highlands
tender_14463410 May 202210 June 2022Winter maintenance with combo snowplow/sander in Hearst area (50-22-44)
tender_14283909 May 202225 May 2022eRFB - 18ft Vessel with 75Hp Yamaha Engine and Dual Axel Trailer
tender_14466509 May 202208 June 2022Delivery of Ontario’s Mandatory Remedial Measures Program
tender_14343805 May 202224 May 2022Supply and Delivery of Consumables for Existing Millipore Water Purificatio
tender_14392905 May 202206 June 2022VOR Mechanical & Trades Services at Kakabeka & Marathon MDMC Patrol Yards
tender_14474505 May 202207 June 2022Air Quality Consulting and Source Test Services G.E. Booth Wastewater Treat
tender_14424904 May 202220 June 2022Integrated Software Solution and Implementation Partner
tender_13448903 May 202206 June 2022Air Transportation to Support Court Services in Three Northern Ontario Regi
tender_14332103 May 202218 May 2022Supply and Delivery of Consumables for Existing Millipore Water Purificatio
tender_14377503 May 202224 May 2022Same Day Courier Services
tender_14381803 May 202220 May 2022Forensic Genetic Services for Natural Resources Enforcement
tender_14386903 May 202216 June 2022MOH Claims Anomaly Detection Solution
tender_14431003 May 202208 June 2022Economic Benefits & Costs of Stormwater Green Infrastructure
tender_14408028 April 202203 June 2022School Condition Assessment Program
tender_14082827 April 202230 May 2022Birddog Aircraft Services and Detection Aircraft Services
tender_14373527 April 202227 May 2022Education publishers preview of the Grade 9 Science Course
tender_14393126 April 202224 May 2022Facilitation Services
tender_14415526 April 202207 June 2022Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on Former Mine Sites
tender_14425026 April 202208 June 2022Potential Provision of Training Services
tender_14441125 April 202225 May 2022Liquid Oxygen System (LOX)
tender_14430721 April 202220 May 2022Harris Lake Dams Construction / Rehabilitation
tender_14431121 April 202231 May 2022Supply & Delivery of 24-inch Production Planer
tender_14415420 April 202220 May 2022Camp Lake Dam Alteration
tender_14105519 April 202219 May 2022Exterior Helicopter Painting, Stripping, and Corrosion Protection Services