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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_12022618 September 202016 October 2020AIS-1154 for Physiotherapist Services at Toronto South Detention Centre
tender_12038418 September 202009 October 2020Elgin High lift/Administrative Building and Entrance Canopy Roof Replacemen
tender_12038718 September 202016 October 2020Espanola WPCP Dewatering Facility
tender_11841817 September 202005 October 2020Commercial Vehicle Impound Program- Windsor Truck Inspection Station
tender_11940116 September 202016 October 2020CLIENT RECORD TRACKING SYSTEM
tender_12004714 September 202016 October 2020Body Transportation Services
tender_11978010 September 202022 October 2020RFI for Raman Spectroscopy Devices
tender_11982410 September 202025 September 2020Services of Physician Advisor - Primary Care
tender_11994610 September 202025 September 2020Services of Nursing Advisor - Primary Care
tender_11010009 September 202014 October 2020Structural Steel VOR Creation
tender_11939503 September 202005 October 2020The Supply and Delivery of Kosher Food
tender_11890101 September 202030 September 2020RFI Infrared Scanning Technology Services
tender_10926429 June 202028 September 2020Payment Processing, Image and Data Capture Solution
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services
tender_8564021 November 201811 January 2021After-Hours Call Answering Services