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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_13168414 October 202116 November 2021MOH Medical Advisory Service for Central Ambulance Communication Centres -
tender_13479114 October 202112 November 2021Products and services to reduce emissions and/or fuel consumption.
tender_13562914 October 202115 November 2021GPS Monitoring Services
tender_13566413 October 202128 October 2021Installation of One 250-Horsepower 4-Stroke Outboard Engine
tender_13577013 October 202110 November 2021Ontario 511
tender_13453812 October 202127 October 202116' - 17' Foot aluminum boat, motor and trailer for NDMNRF
tender_13453912 October 202127 October 2021Welded Aluminum 17.5' - 18.5' vessel, installed outboard engine for NDMNRF
tender_13536907 October 202102 November 2021Supply and Delivery of 1 new Backhoe and accessories for Earl Rowe Provinci
tender_13537007 October 202102 November 2021Supply and Delivery of One (1) new Backhoe to Blue Lake Provincial Park
tender_13537107 October 202102 November 2021Supply and Delivery of 1 new Backhoe to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
tender_13537207 October 202102 November 2021Supply and Delivery of 1 new Backhoe to Lake Superior Provincial Park
tender_13537307 October 202102 November 2021Supply and Delivery of 1 new Backhoe to Nagagamisis Provincial Park
tender_13479206 October 202122 October 2021Mass Timber Manufacturing Business Case
tender_13518105 October 202120 October 2021Bioproduct?Technological?and Commercial Readiness Report
tender_13557405 October 202103 November 2021HVAC Equipment and Maintenance Services
tender_13518204 October 202104 November 2021Seizure, Maintenance and Disposition of Vehicles
tender_13543604 October 202104 November 2021RFB for the Provision of an Electronic Medical Records Solution
tender_13503129 September 202120 October 2021Supply and Delivery of One (1) Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Analyzer
tender_13490027 September 202129 October 2021Voice Services
tender_13500527 September 202129 October 2021Nuclear Emergency Evacuation Transportation Management Planning
tender_13494724 September 202122 October 2021Remote Testing and Proctoring of Court Interpreters
tender_13524424 September 202125 October 2021Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) Accreditation Services
tender_13168321 September 202121 October 2021Third-Party Audit Services VOR
tender_13292821 September 202122 October 2021The Provision of Digital Media Services in China
tender_13507921 September 202120 October 2021Annual Maintenance and Inspection of Chlorine Evaporators, Chlorinators Ser