Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_12246021 January 202105 February 2021Supply and Delivery of Sheeting Material
tender_12543920 January 202119 February 2021Exterior Aircraft Painting, Stripping, Corrosion Protection Services
tender_12550620 January 202104 February 2021Supply, Delivery and Installation of One (1) Imaging Particle Analysis Syst
tender_12550820 January 202103 February 2021Supply and Delivery of Up to 100 Desktop Barcode Printers
tender_12561120 January 202103 February 2021Supply and Delivery of Up to Forty Industrial Barcode Readers
tender_12586420 January 202105 February 2021Pre-Notice for BTK Aerial Application for Spruce Budworm in Northeastern On
tender_12560719 January 202104 February 2021Supply and Delivery of Aluminum Extrusions, Overlays, T-Bars, Z-Bars & Flat
tender_12581219 January 202128 February 202116ft ROTARY MOWERS
tender_12581519 January 202119 February 2021HVAC & BAS Equipment and Services VOR
tender_12386318 January 202104 February 2021Supply and Delivery of Plywood Sign Blanks
tender_12561215 January 202103 February 2021Ash Removal and Excavation Services
tender_12550714 January 202128 February 2021GOLF CARTS
tender_12560814 January 202128 February 2021FLOORING INSTALLER
tender_12544113 January 202128 February 2021COMMERCIAL RIDING MOWERS
tender_12544213 January 202128 February 2021UTILITY VEHICLES
tender_12437612 January 202127 January 2021Supply, Delivery & Installation of one (1) pH, Alkalinity Conductivity Syst
tender_12544012 January 202128 January 2021Supply and Delivery of Sixty (60) new Canoes for the Massassauga Provincial
tender_11953208 January 202103 February 2021Bak Lake Mess Hall RFB Construction Project
tender_12237007 January 202108 February 2021Same Day Transportation for Time and Temperature Sensitive Laboratory Speci
tender_12408906 January 202131 March 2021Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) cloud-based application.
tender_12511806 January 202127 January 2021RFB # 210106 - STANDPIPE-M
tender_12445205 January 202105 February 2021Preventative Maintenance for Autoclaves
tender_12362504 January 202103 February 2021Germany In-Market Representation for Destination Ontario
tender_12392915 December 202003 February 2021Social Media Intelligence and Analytics Platform
tender_12253511 December 202027 January 2021VOR for Property Appraisal in the Eastern Region