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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_14695808 August 202209 September 2022Supply of Lowenstein Jensen Media
tender_14726102 August 202218 August 2022Independent Evaluation with Mushkegowuk Council ("MC") and Wabun Tribal Cou
tender_14779702 August 202225 August 2022Non-Consulting Services regarding Investment Due Diligence
tender_14540529 July 202230 August 2022Integrated Energy-Emissions-Economy Model
tender_14106728 July 202230 September 2022DCMS- Operational Continuity for Unix Servers, Storage and Backup Devices,
tender_14419728 July 202217 August 2022Defensive Driving Skills Training
tender_14732227 July 202218 August 2022one (1) welded aluminum 17.5 – 18.5 -foot vessel, with installed outboard e
tender_14785427 July 202229 August 2022RFI for Technology Solutions to Support Modernized Human Resources (HR) and
tender_14294626 July 202230 August 2022French Language Evaluation and Training Services
tender_14690526 July 202212 August 2022Winter Maintenance Kirkland Lake, Timmins, and other LRB's. (50-22-37)
tender_14731926 July 202217 August 202224’ fibreglass boat with centre console, trailer, motors for MNRF Midhurst
tender_14780126 July 202223 August 2022Bobcaygeon WTP High-lift & Low-lift Pump Replacement
tender_14775125 July 202212 August 2022Lindsay WPCP Screw Conveyor
tender_14288820 July 202231 August 2022Laboratory Information Management Solution
tender_14690719 July 202219 August 2022Automated Assay System for the Screening and Confirmation of Human Immunode
tender_14631618 July 202218 August 2022Supply of Orthophotography and Associated Deliverables for Southern Ontario
tender_14732313 July 202218 August 2022Request for Bids for Uniform and Outerwear Supply
tender_14648022 June 202231 August 2022Accessible Golf Cart
tender_14316117 March 202231 March 2024PLS. IGNORE...THIS IS A TEST (MAR172022)
tender_14014216 January 202231 January 2023N95 Testing Services
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services