Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_13809203 December 202107 January 2022Water-Related Hazards Engineering and Geoscience Services
tender_13603102 December 202119 January 2022Software Reseller VOR Arrangement
tender_13627602 December 202119 January 2022x86 Server Products, Maintenance Services, and Related Services
tender_13651602 December 202128 January 2022Tube Lake Dam and Bridge Replacement
tender_13786402 December 202105 January 2022Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Audit and Multi-Year Plan
tender_13651501 December 202117 December 2021Ontario Gazette Composition Procurement
tender_13786701 December 202117 December 2021Custom Welded Aluminum Boat for Nearshore and Offshore Work - Lake Superior
tender_13390130 November 202105 January 2022Specialised Assessment Services for Employment Accommodations
tender_13465230 November 202105 January 2022Supply and Delivery of Bulk Propane
tender_13582030 November 202115 December 2021Replacement of truck-mounted knuckle boom crane
tender_13627830 November 202113 January 2022For Supply and Delivery of Fish Feed
tender_13638030 November 202105 January 2022Mass Mailing Services
tender_13793830 November 202116 December 2021Rock Cut Remediation for Highways 11, 66, and 560
tender_13530129 November 202105 January 2022Insurance Broker Services
tender_13772729 November 202117 December 2021Construction of two (2) new Yurts at Silent Lake Provincial Park
tender_13402125 November 202105 January 2022Japan In-Market Representation
tender_13483825 November 202110 December 2021Defensive Driving Skills Training
tender_13542525 November 202115 December 2021Argyle Street Bridge Toll House Restoration - Grand River, Caledonia, Ontar
tender_13651325 November 202110 December 2021Supply and Delivery of Timber Stop Logs
tender_13743425 November 202110 December 2021Crush & stockpile Class II aggregate, Hwy 652 Michel Lake Rd (2021-5159)
tender_13762725 November 202115 December 2021Hard Body Armour
tender_13786925 November 202105 January 2022Haulage and Disposal of Residual Sediment from the LHPWSS Residual Mgmt Fac
tender_13163624 November 202112 January 2022Phase 2 Geotechnical Investigations for the Sault Ste Marie Cluster Project
tender_13637324 November 202105 January 2022Printing Services for Ontario Building Code, Fire Code and related publicat
tender_13743524 November 202115 December 2021Construction of two Yurts at Mew Lake, Algonquin Park