Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_10495212 December 201915 January 2020Temagami Forest Management Unit Operations
tender_10609512 December 201907 January 2020OEM Marine Parts - Volvo Penta and Mercury Marine
tender_10664011 December 201915 January 2020Review of Ontario Public Service Inclusive Workplace Policies and Programs
tender_10487210 December 201915 January 2020Demolition/Removal of Two (2) Residential Properties - Kitchener ON
tender_10734110 December 201906 January 2020Supply and Delivery of two (2) new Garbage Trucks
tender_10672609 December 201913 January 2020Supply and Delivery of (OEM) Air Quality Instrumentation Replacement Compon
tender_10692505 December 201909 January 2020Cooking Services for Training Events
tender_9908105 December 201913 January 2020Supply and Delivery of two (2) 30-foot Aluminum Great Lakes Research Vessel
tender_10438004 December 201907 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Six (6) Desktop High Speed Production Scanners and R
tender_10731704 December 201907 January 2020RFI For Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions
tender_10648503 December 201920 December 2019Commercial Credit Reports
tender_10392302 December 201908 January 2020The Supply and Delivery of Thirty (30) Portable Forensic Light Source
tender_10718802 December 201919 December 2019Legal Research Database
tender_9757302 December 201918 December 2019eSignature Solution
tender_10700728 November 201918 December 2019Custom Ocular Recovery Packs
tender_10683427 November 201906 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Vehicle Graphics/Decals for the OPP
tender_10537226 November 201906 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Cargo Pants and Shorts
tender_10569026 November 201916 December 2019Identification & Enumeration of Phytoplankton Samples-St Clair and Great La
tender_10278325 November 201930 December 2019Regional Economic Analyst Tool (REAT)
tender_10256121 November 201907 January 2020Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning (RPA/ML)
tender_10648421 November 201910 January 2020Prequalification for Home Care Service Provider Organizations
tender_10537119 November 201906 January 2020Supply and Delivery of Bagged Firewood and Bagged Kindling for 47 Parks
tender_10569419 November 201918 December 2019MIN 0084 - Supply and Delivery of Leather Gloves and Mitts
tender_10602319 November 201906 January 2020Request for Qualification - Children and Youth Physical Restraint Training
tender_10561018 November 201917 December 2019Supply and Delivery of Forestry Fire Hose