Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_9934018 July 201919 August 2019Emergency Management Software as a Service Solution (EM Solution)
tender_9976417 July 201919 August 2019Supply and Delivery of Bulk Sodium Chloride (Road Salt)- Toronto
tender_9983417 July 201919 August 2019Supply and Delivery of Bulk Sodium Chloride (Road Salt)- Simcoe
tender_9991517 July 201931 July 2019New or Current Model Year Fifteen (15) Inch Wood Chipper
tender_9694816 July 201916 August 2019Media Planning and Buying Agency of Record (AOR) Request for Information
tender_9702016 July 201916 August 2019Chief Labour Relations Negotiator
tender_9891616 July 201931 July 2019Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Aviation Fuel Tanker Trailers
tender_9984016 July 201914 August 2019RFB # 071719-Poly-Clarkson
tender_9832211 July 201931 July 2019Minisinakwa South Dam Concrete Repairs
tender_9846910 July 201929 July 2019Microfilm Supplies and Consumables
tender_9907708 July 201923 July 2019Janitorial Services at the Brookside Youth Centre Located in Cobourg, Ontar
tender_9694504 July 201907 August 2019RFI for Integrated Solution for Management and Disposition of Government Re
tender_9881303 July 201924 July 2019RFI for Accessible Word to PDF Conversion Software
tender_9785302 July 201901 August 2019Construction of Sand Storage Facility & Demolition of Existing - Emsdale ON
tender_9847202 July 201923 July 2019RFQ for Service System Managers Employment Services Transformation
tender_9275728 June 201931 July 2019Social Assistance Digital Application (SADA) Initiative
tender_9752526 June 201929 July 2019Enterprise Voice Services
tender_9870724 June 201929 July 2019OPPA Integrated Mental Health and Wellness Program
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services
tender_8564021 November 201811 January 2021After-Hours Call Answering Services