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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_10350012 November 201902 December 2019Criminal Law Division - Crown Summer School 2020
tender_10419907 November 201906 January 2020Provincial Climate Change Impact Assessment
tender_10526507 November 201925 November 2019Hybrid Data Storage System
tender_10459906 November 201909 December 2019Emissions Benefits Reporting Methodology
tender_10137304 November 201920 November 2019Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Direct Mercury Analyzer
tender_10513404 November 201906 December 2019The Supply and Delivery of Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
tender_10527031 October 201902 December 2019Brockville Patrol Garage Construction and Yard Works
tender_10219330 October 201919 November 2019Lake Ontario Management Unit Gill Netting Vessel
tender_10411430 October 201914 November 2019Claireville Patrol Yard Building Fire Restoration
tender_10297729 October 201906 December 2019The Operation and Maintenance of The Lake Opeongo Store Concession in Algon
tender_10530129 October 201928 November 2019CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW WASHROOM
tender_10532429 October 201929 November 2019CONTOUR TRIM MOWERS
tender_10526928 October 201927 November 2019RFB# 103019-ACHS - Union WTP
tender_10419722 October 201922 November 2019Sterile Water Collection Bottles
tender_10437916 October 201915 November 2019Supporting Alignment of Transformation Initiatives
tender_9624816 October 201914 November 2019Workplace Print and Services
tender_10297908 October 201918 November 2019Sarnia Area Environmental Health Project Air Exposure Review
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services
tender_8564021 November 201811 January 2021After-Hours Call Answering Services