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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_11652028 May 202018 June 2020Bobcaygeon Composite Elevated Tank Recoating and Rehabilitation
tender_11644827 May 202023 June 2020Deloro Arsenic Treatment Plant (ATP) 2019 Improvements Village of Deloro, O
tender_11434926 May 202029 June 2020Ontario Gazette Composition Services
tender_11639526 May 202023 June 2020Kirkland Lake Water Treatment Plant PLC and SCADA Replacement
tender_10825925 May 202020 July 2020MOD-0007 - Time and Attendance Management Solution
tender_11633125 May 202025 June 2020Changeroom Modernization and New Air Handling System
tender_11289020 May 202019 June 2020New Sign Installations and Replacements
tender_11530920 May 202010 June 2020Independent Compensation Assessment of Fee-for-Service Consulting Roles
tender_11544014 May 202013 July 2020Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System on Highway 405
tender_11480307 May 202008 June 2020Demolition of 2 Existing Sand Domes & Construction of New Sand Storage Faci
tender_11543906 May 202006 June 2020SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF GOLF CARTS
tender_11534605 May 202005 June 2020PAINTING CONTRACTOR
tender_11537905 May 202026 June 2020PRE-NOTICE - Field Sampling Services in Support of MNRF's Forest Resources
tender_9069405 February 201915 April 2023Occupational Health Professional Services
tender_8564021 November 201811 January 2021After-Hours Call Answering Services