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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
ST-Doc370951947926 November 202215 December 2022Electrical Service and Transfer Switch Upgrade in Yorkton, SK
RFP-2022-11-2526 November 202230 December 2022Heavey Equipment Simulator
COSe22-046026 November 202216 December 2022Consulting Services - Aspen Ridge Linear Park Drainage Channel MR8-12, D6 a
COSe22-045326 November 202212 December 2022Miscellaneous Auction Services
850526 November 202219 December 2022Consulting Engineering Services Narrow Hills Provincial Park Water System I
40011262226 November 202219 December 2022Estevan RNH Sprinker System Replacement
22P-0002026 November 202204 January 2023Data Migration Services
101043226 November 202209 December 2022Chinook Power Station - Filters Supply
TX687225 November 202201 December 2022Engineering Services - Electrical, Instrumentation, Communication, Support,
SX688425 November 202201 December 2022Portable Air Compressor with Custom Air Dryer
SBP-LLM2300925 November 202215 December 2022Roof Replacement, CBC Building Regina
RM4-2023-0225 November 202214 December 2022RM of Coalfields No. 4 Fuel Supply Tender
RFQ-2022-11RM34525 November 202206 December 2022Request for Quotes - One Tonne Truck
RFQ-2022-10RM34525 November 202206 December 2022Request for Quotes - Tractor
NOV-22-ONC-MR-RFP25 November 202220 December 2022HealthPRO Pharmacy November 2022 Oncology Market Response RFP
GSSD-2022-00225 November 202209 December 2022Purchase of School Buses
COSe22-047625 November 202209 December 2022Light Duty Trucks
COSe22-039925 November 202215 December 202213 & 16.5 kip GVWR Cab & Chassis Trucks
COS22-030725 November 202205 January 2023COS - Information Technology - Total Device Lifestyle
COR616525 November 202214 December 2022Grader Blades
845825 November 202209 December 2022Supply and Delivery of auto extrication equipment and training
845325 November 202209 December 2022Tire Retreading Services
830225 November 202204 January 2023Daily Vehicle Rental Services
2223-1225 November 202208 December 2022W.F. Ready School Roof Replacement
22-290882-RFQ25 November 202208 December 2022Ventrac SSV 2120M 23HP Tractor