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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
SWSD-202100114 April 202107 May 2021Walter Aseltine School Roofing Project
SHC-04-13d-202114 April 202123 April 2021Parking Lot Asphalt Overlay - King Edward Place, Saskatoon
SHC-04-13c-202114 April 202123 April 2021Backflow Preventer Installation - Westview Place, Saskatoon
SHC-04-13b-202114 April 202123 April 2021Shingle Replacement - Rosewood Terrace, Saskatoon
SHC-04-13a-202114 April 202123 April 2021Shingle Replacement - Sutherland House, Saskatoon
RMSHOP14 April 202123 April 2021RM of Loreburn #254 RM Shop
PCS-228-00114 April 202104 May 2021Construction of a Service Centre at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park
GSSD71314 April 202129 April 2021Kamsack Comprehensive Institute Boiler Replacement
COSe21-016514 April 202130 April 2021Jasper Ave Lift Station Process Logic Controllers Upgrade
COSe21-015714 April 202128 April 2021Lawson Aquatic Centre - Accessible Doors - Automation Upgrade
COSe21-003414 April 202127 April 2021Facilities Upgrade
COR556714 April 202126 April 2021Walk Behind Aerator
COR551514 April 202129 April 2021Parking Lot Paving
COR540614 April 202104 May 2021Albert Street Sidewalk Expansion and Crosstown Multi-use Pathway
794614 April 202105 May 2021Supply, Delivery and Commissioning of Candle Lake Nanomembrane Water Treatm
21-271974-RFQ-SIGA14 April 202119 April 2021PHC and NLC-Surveillance Cameras
2021-003-ADM14 April 202113 May 2021Municipal Integrity Commissioner
UofSRFPCP-29015513 April 202117 May 2021Construction Management Services for Murray Library Renovation Project
TED2100113 April 202104 May 20213rd Floor Tenant Improvement, 2103 11th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan
ST-Doc292405435813 April 202123 April 2021Pickup and Delivery of new and used Office Furniture and Misc. Items on a D
RM254-11-25-5-w3m13 April 202101 June 2021Village of Elbow Line 19 Multiplex
RFSQ-02-2113 April 202103 May 2021Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) for Driver Examiners
RBE2021-2213 April 202103 May 2021Light Vehicle Transportation
HWY-210016-LFRFP13 April 202128 April 2021Design Surfacing – Various Control Sections near North Battleford
FNUniv-2021-00313 April 202121 April 2021Occupational Health and Safety Advisor