Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
RM501-2019-213 November 201909 December 2019New Gravel/Sanding Truck
COR500113 November 201912 December 2019Single-Axle Dump Trucks
COR497913 November 201911 December 2019Motor Graders
chinooktis-11-1913 November 201920 November 2019Windows Laptops
860668-0113 November 201902 December 2019RFP for Consulting Engineering Services
753613 November 201925 November 2019Check Point Direct Premium Support and Security Subscription Renewals
RM490-2019-1109 November 201921 November 2019Properties for Tender
PCS_RRPP_2019-109 November 201925 November 2019Inflatable Water Park Operation - Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park
HWY-H1908409 November 201926 November 2019Roadwork-SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF 4 CULVERTS
ENVSCAN20-109 November 201927 November 2019Strategic Planning Environmental Scan
COS19-054209 November 201911 December 2019Hydro-Vac Services
COS19-053009 November 201921 November 2019Construction of a Shed at Saskatoon Light & Power
COS19-050809 November 201931 December 2019Lease of Farmers' Market Building at River Landing
COR496609 November 201919 November 2019Rental of Sidewalk Utility Unit
CHU-124509 November 201929 November 2019Landfill Assessment, Closure, Cover Design, and Tendering Project
57-1909 November 201918 December 2019Playground - Little Red River Park
2019-001-NESD09 November 201910 December 2019Roof Replacement LP Miller Comp School
2019-0002-NESD09 November 201910 December 2019Roof Replacement Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
19P-0001009 November 201902 December 2019Development of an IT Strategic Plan to guide the WCB's Strategic IT Initati
19-258026-RFQ-SIGA09 November 201914 November 2019VMware ROBO for Casinos
19-257843-RFQ09 November 201922 November 2019Towing Services
UofSRFT19-524108 November 201905 December 2019Fortinent Software Annual Subscriptions and Services
SX-656508 November 201915 November 2019Fabrication Services
PCS_WATER_2019-108 November 201919 December 2019Own and Operate Inflatable Water Park Businesses at Six Provincial Parks
PCS-2019-2208 November 201910 January 2020Provincial Park Land Lease Opportunity