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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
YWCA-01-25-202026 January 202109 February 2021Mechanical Renovation for Martha House Phase 3, Regina SK
WTP-2021-0126 January 202112 February 2021Water Treatment Plant Abrasive Sandblasting & Epoxy Coating RFP
Tender_202126 January 202116 March 2021Tender for dust control 2021
ST20321126 January 202109 February 2021Construction E16,21,28-33-26-W3
ST20275126 January 202109 February 20214.1 KM Clay Cap
RFQ21-00226 January 202105 February 2021SLGA Retail Marketing Materials
RFP-2021-2063-Road26 January 202108 February 2021Request for Proposal to Pave Range Road 2063
GravelSpread202126 January 202109 February 2021Gravel Spreading 2021
GravelHaul202126 January 202108 February 20212021 Winter Gravel Haul
Doc278353430826 January 202111 February 2021On-Demand Provincial Construction Contracts
COR547326 January 202123 February 2021Flow Meter Construction
COR515526 January 202125 February 2021Small Diameter Watermain Renewal-Directional Drilling
Copy-ROU2021RW-004A26 January 202108 February 2021General Cotractors RFQ: Water Treatment Plant & Pumphouse Construction
CLS-2021-226 January 202119 February 2021Flooring Replacement Request for Proposal
2021-RM226Gravel26 January 202108 February 20212021-RM226 Gravel Haul
2021-1R26 January 202101 March 2021Edenwold Rink Roofing project
ST-Doc280619749523 January 202101 February 2021: Request for Proposal for a new Pile Foundation Structure for the Danbury
SHC-01-22-202123 January 202102 February 2021Regency Gardens Phase I, II and III Exterior Door Replacement, Regina SK
ROU2021RW-004A23 January 202108 February 2021Request for Qualifications
RM186-2021-0223 January 202108 February 2021Grader
RFSO20-5723 January 202126 February 2021RFSO 20-57 Electrical Vehcile Charging Stations and Serivces
R44WPU-00223 January 202111 February 2021Rural 44 Waterline Project - Contract B - E-K Raw Water Pipeline Twinning
PWP-2021-0123 January 202112 February 20212021 Line Painting Roadways and Airport
NWSD2020-1223 January 202101 March 2021Maidstone High & Ratushniak Elementary (Maidstone) Roof Replacement