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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
W-1036A20 September 201915 October 2019O/H 138KV Power Line to LPS
SPS-RC-19-00820 September 201927 September 2019RESOURCE CALL OUT - Project Manager
RFP-28-1920 September 201915 October 2019Exclusive Vendor Risk Management and Inspection Service Program
PK328A20 September 201910 October 2019EB Campbell Design & Supply of Misc. Electrical Equip.
NLSD2019ST320 September 201911 October 2019Multi-Function School Activity Bus
HWY-190066-SFRFP20 September 201930 September 2019Testing and Rehab Pre-design – 2019
HWY-190063-RFQ20 September 201904 October 2019Surfacing Hwy 4-01
CourtSet-up20 September 201926 September 2019Set-up furniture & equipment prior to court session in Stanley Mission, SK
COR495720 September 201921 October 2019Small Diameter Watermain Renewal-Directional Drilling
CEF-2019-03620 September 201910 October 20192019 ROOF REPLACEMENT & FALL PROTECTION - PSQV
CEF-2019-03420 September 201927 September 20192019-20 AO ACCOMPAGNEMENT EN MATIÈRE DE DOUANCE
751520 September 201903 October 2019Pasture Dugout Project in Southern Saskatchewan
750820 September 201903 October 2019Disposable Gloves
19SASKPOLY04-1420 September 201908 October 2019Printing and Mailing - Career Guide
121220 September 201917 October 20191212 Redland Tender
UofSRFQ19-0455819 September 201925 September 2019Printing of RxFiles Chart Books – 12th Edition
SHNB-09-10-201919 September 201909 October 2019Purchase and Removal of Buildings at the Former Saskatchewan Hospital
Re-TenderES03201919 September 201901 October 2019Estevan Airport: Site Drainage and Holding Pond Construction
COR491519 September 201908 October 2019Rental of Wheel Loaders
765-18019 September 201903 October 2019Dr. Isman Elementary Modular Classrooms Demolition.
765-17919 September 201903 October 2019Sedley School Masonry and Exterior Painting
765-17819 September 201903 October 2019Broadview School Roof Replacement
20477-01-1919 September 201902 October 2019Monochrome Production Printer & Booklet Maker for Printing Services
2019-02-AB19 September 201910 October 2019Design Build Removal/Replacement Chilled Water System - AllanBlair Cancer C