Innovative, Sustainable Construction Products Directory


Innovative, Sustainable Construction Products Directory

This is an invitation by the Province of Nova Scotia to seek help from businesses and organizations who can supply innovative, sustainable construction products for a directory for our client departments to scan for their project and design needs.

Submit your business details and the types of sustainable construction products you can sell to help Nova Scotia government client departments satisfy their procurement demands.

The Province of Nova Scotia intends to post the Supplier’s business name, business address, business contact information (e.g. website, e-mail, phone number, etc.) and the type(s) of Products the Supplier provides for the purpose of informing Nova Scotia businesses of sources for the immediate access of such Products. There is no guarantee that all suppliers who apply will be added to the directory.

If you need help making an online submission, please email

We are looking for suppliers who manufacture and sell the following products:


  • WOOD PRODUCTS (including paneling, architectural woodwork, architectural wood casework, custom cabinets)
  • PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES (including paneling, architectural woodwork, architectural wood casework, custom cabinets)
  • THERMAL AND MOISTURE PROTECTION (including insulation, weather barriers, roofing and roofing systems, roof and wall specialties an accessories)
  • OPENINGS/Openings(Including doors, windows, frames, glazing and hardware)
  • FINISHES(including gypsum board, ceiling tile, flooring, carpeting, vinyl coated fabric wall covering, paints and coatings)
  • FURNISHINGS (including window treatments, casework, countertops, backsplashes)
  • ELECTRICAL(including signage and lighting)
  • EXTERIOR PRODUCTS(paving, curbs, gutters, irrigation, soil amendments)
  • Other

Submission Form

If you can provide items from the list please complete our survey: please complete our form