Procurement Policy

Significant revisions have been made to the Nova Scotia Sustainable Procurement Policy.  The revised procurement policy takes effect October 1st 2016 and includes several new elements:

  • Implementation of a category management approach for priority spending areas
  • Mandatory purchasing from established Standing Offers
  • Mandatory development of a Procurement Project Plan prior to the commencement of a procurement project
  • Increased public tendering thresholds
  • Introduction of Invitational Competitions
  • Introduction of Negotiated Request for Proposals (NRFPs)

In addition to the changes made in the policy, a detailed Procurement Manual has been developed to provide further guidance for procurement processes.

Terms & Conditions

Atlantic Standard Terms And Conditions (ASTC), provides standard instructions which support tenders issued by the Atlantic provinces for goods and services.

Revised Construction Contract Guidelines will come into effect on September 1, 2017.  These guidelines have been updated to reflect the modern methods of construction procurement in the province.  Over the last few years, the Department of Internal Services has led the redevelopment of this document with a cross sectional committee of procurement representatives from many different stakeholders.

See the accompanying Q&A document for more details