Public Procurement Act

Working together makes us stronger. The new Public Procurement Act is about creating a community with the tools to thrive in this increasingly complex world of public procurement. It's about sharing ideas, managing risk, and standardizing practices to ensure our taxpayers are getting the best value for their dollars and our vendors are getting every chance to compete in local and global markets.

Today’s trade agreements, procurement law, and generally accepted procurement practices can be difficult to navigate. Our growing understanding of local, national, and international markets, in combination with our growing understanding of why and how we need to purchase sustainably, is rapidly changing the way we calculate cost and value. Staying on top of the rising sea of information on broader social, environmental, and economic costs can be a challenge. Ready access to advice, peer support, and current best practices is crucial to be able to meet legal obligations and take advantage of new opportunities, especially for smaller public entities with fewer resources.

Greater standardization makes it easier for vendors to understand and compete in Nova Scotia’s procurement process. Knowing what to expect from county to county and organization to organization allows vendors to concentrate on putting together their best proposal or bid rather than learning the ins and outs of a new process for each opportunity. In addition to creating consistency among tendering processes, the new Act mandates that all public sector entities must post notice of any tender over Atlantic Trade Agreement thresholds (goods $25,000; services $50,000) to the provincial tenders website. This gives vendors a reliable place to start looking for opportunities. Going beyond requirements, many organizations are choosing to post notice of all their tenders to the province’s website, regardless of amount.

The public sector spent more than $2 billion last year, and more than 80 per cent of that locally. By collaborating and working more strategically, we are making our money work harder and smarter. In a commitment to transparency and accountability, all public sector entities have, or are in the process of, posting their procurement policy to their websites.

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