Request Ariba Account

Getting an account

For employees of the Nova Scotia government, Nova Scotia Health Authority or IWK Health Centre requiring access to SAP Ariba, please complete steps 1 to 3 to gain access to the system.

For other public sector (MASH) entity employees in Nova Scotia requiring access to Ariba, please complete steps 2 and 3 to gain access to the system.

Step 1:

View one or both of the applicable training videos:
Ariba Sourcing Client Training
Ariba E-Bidding Evaluator Training Video

Step 2:

Download the Ariba user account access request form.  You should save it on your computer and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can digitally sign the form (click on the Signature field and follow steps). Remember to save once completed.

Step 3:

Email the completed and signed access request form as an attachment to You will receive a notification from 'Ariba Administrator' when your account is created. Ariba can be accessed using the appropriate link below:

Province of Nova Scotia (PNS) Ariba login
All other public sector entities (including NSHA, IWK & MASH) Ariba login

Items to note:

Please submit a ticket or email us at for any of the following:

  • If you need your account re-activated (Ariba accounts that are dormant / inactive for 6 months are automatically de-activated);
  • If you no longer require access to Ariba;
  • If your employment details change, please provide your updated contact information & position to us (applies to Province of Nova Scotia employees only);
  • If you did not update your password prior to the 90 day password expiry date (applies to NSHA / IWK & MASH Ariba accounts only).

Ariba Reference Documents

The following guides demonstrate how to navigate and complete typical tasks in Ariba.

If your zone or branch requires additional training, please email