Please be advised that the Department of Public Works (formerly the Department of Infrastructure and Housing, or Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR)) has updated the master Province of Nova Scotia bid bond form. This new form may be used immediately to provide the required bid security on the Province of Nova Scotia construction contracts. Suppliers will be required to provide the bid bond in an electronic format (e-bond).

As formally accepted, where Department of Public Works - Province of Nova Scotia forms are required for bid security, the Minister will accept bonds on the security company's letterhead providing the wording and punctuation is identical to the wording of the Province of Nova Scotia Form. Where bid bonds are required for bid security, the Minister will also accept bid bonds on the CCDC Bid Bond form 2002 version.

Additional information on e-bonding can be found at: Surety Association of Canada E-Bonding - Overview and Surety Association of Canada E-Bonding: Downloads & Links.

Please note, bid bond requirements for electronic bidding (Bid Express) on highway and bridge construction projects will remain unchanged.


Ready to submit your bid? Tender opportunities and specific bids for all Provincial departments and the Nova Scotia Health Authority are posted and applied to through Ariba, an e-bidding platform.

The following guides and videos provide step by step instructions on how to navigate in Ariba.



Selling to the Province of Nova Scotia and Navigating in E-Bidding

Introduction to E-bidding

Learn what E-bidding is and what it means for you as a supplier

Registering with Ariba Discovery

Learn how to register with the SAP Ariba Discovery Centre

Event Details

Learn about "events" and related functions

Responding to an Event

Learn what to expect when submitting an E-bid

Locating Opportunities

Learn how to find e-bidding opportunities

Revising or Resubmitting Your Bid

Learn how to edit an event and submit changes

Event Messages

Learn how to use the Event Message Board to communicate

Additional Help

Learn where to go for assistance


Suppliers that require more assistance when navigating within the e-bidding system can submit a ticket.

Technical issues must be sent to Ariba Customer service (i.e. browser issues, double accounts, etc.)  Use the Help Desk at the top right of the Event Dashboard or call 1-866-218-2155

Please note: content-related questions and/or clarifications about tender content, suppliers must use the Compose Message button & Message Board, within the tender Event Dashboard.