Finding Opportunities


How can I find out when new tenders are issued?

The best resource is the Nova Scotia Tender Notices page. This page lists all tenders issued by government departments, agencies, boards, commissions, and the MASH sector (municipalities, academic institutions, school boards, and health authorities).

Sign up for Tender Notifications

Tender Opportunities Notification Service (TONS)

By registering for this service, you will receive e-mail notifications of public sector procurement opportunities matching the goods and/or services categories you have selected upon registration.  Each opportunity will provide general information about the tender as well as a link to the Nova Scotia Procurement website.This service is open to all businesses and is housed on the Access to Business Web Portal. Access to Business (A2B) is an online service that provides a single entry point for Nova Scotia businesses and prospective businesses to interact with the provincial government. 

When I see a tender that I am interested in, how do I respond?

Tender documents can range from one page to hundreds of pages. They describe the goods or services to be purchased and the conditions you need to meet to be an eligible bidder.

Tender documents also tell you:

  • the due date and time
  • how and where to submit your bid
  • when and where the tenders will be publicly opened
  • contact details for more information

When completing a tender submission, you should read the document completely from start to finish. Pay close attention to any terms and conditions listed as part of the document. In many cases these terms and conditions are set out in separate documents. When this happens, these other documents will be available on our website.


Always pay close attention to the tender closing date, time, and location. Submissions must arrive on time, at the specified location, to be accepted.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about a specific tender or RFP?

Contact information for Procurement staff and/or Department staff are provided in each tender posting. Interested bidders are responsible for obtaining any needed clarification of the tender requirements, while the tender is open. Questions should be directed in writing to the contacts identified as email is the preferred method of contact. Only written responses from these contacts will be considered an official response. Responses to questions that are deemed by the Province, in its sole discretion to be material to all prospective bidders will be made available as an addendum while the tender is open, for download from our website.

How are tenders awarded?

  • Tender responses (or bids) are opened at the location, date, and time shown in the tender document.
  • After the tender closes, bid information is posted to the website.
  • Bids are open and procurement staff review each submission to ensure it meets the mandatory criteria listed in the tender document.
  • The lowest bid does not automatically mean the corresponding company will be awarded the tender. Rather, each bid is evaluated against all the criteria outlined in the tender documents, including cost.
  • After an award has been made to the successful vendor and a contract signed, award information is posted on our website.

Does the Nova Scotia Government post its tenders on other similar sites?

No, the official source of Nova Scotia tender information is this site.

How do I get on your vendor list for tenders?

We do not have a list of “authorized vendors.” You can bid on any tender as long as you meet the published requirements.

Improve your chances of doing business with us:

Ask us for suggestions for next time. If you bid on a tender but were not successful, ask us how you could have made a stronger bid. We call this a Supplier Debriefing. We can help you better understand the tendering process and how to prepare for future submissions.