Low Value Purchases

Under $2,500

  • For smaller purchases under $2,500 departments can approach a business directly for their requirements and make the purchase using a purchase order, a procurement card or accounts payable. The procurement card is a government credit card that makes doing business with us more convenient for you—you get paid right away.

For low value purchases, departments will:

  • Obtain competitive quotes if the value of the goods, services or construction are less than $10,000:  Departments are to obtain competitive quotes wherever possible and award to the bid that provides the best value.  They ask for a price and a timeline and anything else that may be important to meeting their needs.
  • Conduct Invitational Competition if the value of the services or construction is $10,000 and over but $49,999 or less for Services and $99,999 or less for Construction, an invitational competition can be conducted. (not applicable for Goods)


High Value purchases follow a different process.