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Engage with public sector buyers

Exchange information and ideas

Explore procurement opportunities for your businesses

Don't miss an afternoon of networking with all levels of government and the greater public sector in Nova Scotia, the Altantic Provincial procurement departments and various departments of the Federal Government to to increase your awareness of public sector procurement opportunities.

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This show offers several channels for exploring opportunities and gaining valuable insight into the processes and systems of public procurement. In addition, improve access to more provincial government business and to identify other public sector supplier opportunities in Atlantic Canada.

This event presents real opportunities to begin the conversations and build relationships essential to maximizing business relationships between Nova Scotia companies and the public sector.


Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education

Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre

Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority

BGIS Global Integrated Solutions

Municipality of the District of Argyle

Canada Business Network

Municipality of the District of East Hants

Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education

Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency

Communications Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Community College

Construction Association of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Dalhousie University

Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

Department of Justice - Correctional Services

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia

Defense Construction Canada

Office of the Procurement Ombudsman

Develop Nova Scotia

Public Procurement Agency (NL)


Public Services & Procurement Canada

Government of P.E.I, Procurement Services

Registry of Joint Stock Companies

Halifax Harbor Bridges

Service New Brunswick

Halifax Partnership

Service Nova Scotia & Internal Services -  Procurement

Halifax Regional Municipality

Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal - Building Project Services Division

Halifax Regional Water Commission

Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal - Environmental Services

HealthPRO Procurement INC

Queen’s Printer

Interuniversity Services Incorporated

IWK Health Centre

All businesses are encouraged and welcome to attend these events. Register by visiting the following link:


Supplier Support

Procurement Services has a Supplier Engagement section that works with businesses in Nova Scotia to inform them of public procurement opportunities. Through events, workshops, and one-on-one meetings, the Supplier Engagement section strives to increase competitive bidding by encouraging businesses to consider the government as a market for the goods and services they offer.

Supplier Engagement staff can meet with you to discuss your business and the opportunities you are seeking in the public sector.  Once aware of your business target areas, they can provide departmental contacts as well as those in the greater public sector for you to contact. In some cases meetings can be arranged with department groups.

If you have a question or would like to schedule a meeting, please email