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Tender ID EMHA19-36
Description Domestic & Heating Pipe Replacement, Supply & Install, Canso, N.S.
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Department / Agency Name Eastern Mainland Housing Authority
Closing Closing on Thursday, October 3, 2019  at 02:00 PM  Atlantic Time.

Location: 20 Orchard Terrace, Antigonish, N.S.
Opening Opening on  Thursday, October 3, 2019  at 02:00 PM  Atlantic Time.

Location: same as close location
Posted 12 September 2019
Trade Agreement Below Trade agreements
Category Goods: N  | Services: Y  | Construction: N
Pickup Fee N/A
Addendum Y
Addendum Notes Addendum # 1 - September 25, 2019 - Closing date extended to October 3, 2019.1 SPECIFICATION :
1. Section 23 11 13 - Piping, Valves & Fittings - Oil
.1 Article 2.1 Pipe; add Schedule 40 steel pipe, ASTM A53 B ERW for exterior piping
from oil tank connection to solenoid valve. All joints to be socket weld, except the
connection to the tank and to the solenoid valve.
2. Section 25 05 01 - EMCS: General Requirements
.1 Article 2.3 Acceptable installation and material, add Distech w/S1000 (ESY-CSC)
1. Drawing M-501, Detail 1/M-501: Oil storage tank Detail;
.1 Note the existing concrete pad shall be replaced with a new concrete pad. It shall
be 66" wide by nine (9) feet long and eight (8") thick. Reinforce the concrete pad
with #10 bars on 10" centers both ways, top and bottom.
.2 Place new concrete pad on 12" of Class A gravel, maximum 3/4" stone, compacted
to 95% Proctor.
.2 Drawing MH 101:
.1 Detail MH 101, reposition the new oil tank such that it extends 1' - 6" beyond the end
of the building and away from the electric meter and fresh air intake.
.2 At the end of the building the existing eave trough drainage pipe shall remain, but
remove the splash pad and run a 6" dia. SDR21 PVC drainage pipe to the existing
ditch. Pipe to be buried a minimum of four (4) feet below grade and placed in a
gravel bedding, with 12" gravel above. Gravel to be Class A, 3/4" stone.
.3 Repair any disturbed soil around the existing and new concrete pad to match
.3 Detail 1/MH101:
.1 Note the oil solenoid valve shall be located under the soffit of the building, 6" off of
the building exterior wall. Provide support for the solenoid valve down to the
concrete pad.
.1 Question 1; Are roll grooved products acceptable for use on this project:
ANSWER; No, piping is 2" and under and will be threaded.
.2 Question 2; Is copper or steel press fit piping acceptable for use on this project:
Addendum # 2 - September 27, 2019 -
Contact Richard Chisholm, Maintenance Supervisor (902) 863-1259, fax: (902) 863-8026, email: EMHA_info@novascotia.ca
Awarded Date 18 October 2019
Awarded Amount $241,333.65
Awarded Vendor C.A. Smith Mechanical Ltd.
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