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Tender ID MK2019-20-01
Description Website development and deployment in China
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Department / Agency Name Nova Scotia Business Inc.
Closing Closing on Friday, August 23, 2019  at 04:00 PM  Atlantic Time.

Location: 1800 Argyle Street, Suite 701, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3N8
Opening Opening on  Friday, August 23, 2019  at 04:30 PM  Atlantic Time.

Location: same as close location
Posted 09 August 2019
Trade Agreement Below Trade agreements
Category Goods: N  | Services: Y  | Construction: N
Pickup Fee N/A
Addendum Y
Addendum Notes Issued date: August 12, 2019; No 1-8
1 - Would NSBI require an associated Chinese named domain as we find that NSBI.CN for example is already taken for another organization which could be confusing if on brand with NSBI? Would you like us to have domain purchase and management included within the hosting? Answer: Yes, domain name TBD.

2 - With respect to hosting, what would you need for the website or are you looking for something basic to start that has the standard backup, redundancy, failover, security parameters? Answer: Standard hosting options. Nothing special required.

3 - With respect to the service agreement for the 12 months are you looking for 1) a monthly retainer for design/technical modifications to the site beyond the content that would be managed by NSBI, 2) maintenance of the website for security and functional updates or 3) monthly support to respond to training inquiries or answering any questions with respect to the functioning of the website or all 3? Answer: This would be all three.

4 - As NSBI will be providing the content, in how many languages will the website have the content? Would all have actual content or would some be auto-translated? Answer: Only one language- Mandarin. The aim is to have all content translated and not rely on auto-translation.

5 - Could you tell us what the budget is for this project? Answer: The proponent is required to submit the budget after evaluating the scope of work.

6 - Does NSBI have a partner presence in China for the ICP registration or are you looking for us to do so? Answer: No, ICP registration will be done through proponent.

7 - Would you require any photography and/or videography services for the website or any stock photos/videos for the same? Answer: No.

8 - We understand that you will require us to provide SEO services as part of the website build, is this correct? Answer: Yes, that is correct.
Contact Jennifer Dunbar, tenders@nsbi.ca, 902-424-4242
Awarded Date 11 September 2019
Awarded Amount $60,100.00
Awarded Vendor WPIC Marketing Inc.
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