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Department / Agency Name Cape Breton University
Closing Closing on Wednesday, January 15, 2020  at 03:00 PM  Atlantic Time.

Location: Purchasing Department - Cape Breton University
Opening Opening on  Wednesday, January 15, 2020  at 03:15 PM  Atlantic Time.

Location: same as close location
Posted 06 January 2020
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Addendum Notes JAN 14/20 - The technology is a developed water treatment system that operates electrochemically using a proprietary electrocatalyst. The technology oxidatively degrades recalcitrant organic pollutants on its anode and through the reaction of reactive oxygen species while passing through a tube toward a cathode, which quenched any remaining oxidants and reductively precipitated heavy metal ions, removing them from solution. The technology is thus suited for the remediation of organic and heavy metal contaminant simultaneously. This was demonstrated in the field at the Boat Harbour remediation site where both organic and inorganic contaminants were successfully removed from partially treated water at a remote site.
There are few electrochemical water treatment systems in the academic or patent literature, and those are often used to generate sanitizing solutions for the killing or bacteria, e.g., the generation of bleach solutions on demand. None described are sufficient to degrade challenging organic contaminants, such as polychlorinated dibenzodioxins/furans or polychlorinated biphenyls, which are often removed through adsorption processes, which only move the pollutants from one medium to another. Our technology can permanently destroy these contaminants, removing their potential for long term harm to the environment or human health. We believe this provides us with a sustainable business advantage when sufficiently protected by intellectual property laws.
The technology is largely developed for the environmental remediation market and is undergoing ongoing testing in the pharmaceutical and landfill leachate markets and will be tested for the seawater desalination market.
Contact BRENDA MACDONALD, brenda_macdonald@cbu.ca
Memorandum We wish to engage a consultant or consultant group with expertise in market research, segment analysis, partner identification, and securing licenses with companies involved in the production and sale of water treatment, purification, and remediation technologies. We are seeking to establish a first license for an electro-chemical water treatment technology developed by faculty at the university.
Awarded Date 12 February 2020
Awarded Amount $16,000.00
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